Who do you ship with?
We only ship our products with Fedex, UPS, DHL and other reliable shipping partners. The world trusts them because they deliver their promises and so do we.
When will I receive my order?
Once you have finalized your order and all your measurements are finalized it takes us only 3 weeks to ship your order from our office.<
Why is my order still not shipped?
We apologize for the same, but in the rare event, it happens do write to us at care@hangrr.com. It may be due to local holidays or extremely high order values, but we try everything in our power in advance to ensure nothing like this happens.
How do I know if you ship to my country?
We ship to almost every place in the world. You can place an order and in case if we do not ship to that country we will let you know asap. You can always send us an email in case you have any questions.
Why are some of my orders still not processed?
If you are ordering for the first time with Hangrr and have ordered multiple items we first send you one piece of garment to ensure it fits you well and then process the remaining orders. If you would like to prioritize the order flow do send us an email to care@hangrr.com
Will I have to pay additional taxes or charges on my Hangrr order?
Not to us for sure. All prices on the website are inclusive of charges & taxes from our end