What are home try-ons?
A home try-on is the most perfect way to ensure 100% true fits. We send to you a trial suit, which is made to assess a variety of things that measurements can't tell. For all bespoke orders, a trial is simply achieved by shipping the suit to you to assess your body fit and personal preferences. The suit construction is incomplete and the finishes are nowhere to be compared to your final suit that we will deliver post a detailed analysis of your trial fitting.
Why do you do a try-on?
Like we said numbers alone can't tell the entire story. So we go a step further to really understand perfectly your personal preferences and choices. In this manner, we are able to judge very minute details that others conveniently neglect in the law of numbers.We are determined to provide you nothing but the best fit and are prepared to go the extra mile with our home try-on service to put a big smile on your face.<
How do I know if my order is applicable for a home try-on?
Home try-on's are only applicable on all Bespoke orders. Your minimum order value needs to be Rs.9000. Also, it is only applicable for suits and blazers. If your order is eligible for a free home try-on it will automatically reflect in your cart.
When do I get my try-on?
We typically take 7 days to ship your trial suit from our office. So considering shipping times, you can expect it in around 10 working days. You can write to us at care@hangrr.com to enquire about our expedited services.
What do I do after I get my Try-on?
Once you receive your trial suit, wear it on. Click 3 full-length pictures - front, back and side; and email them to your Hangrr Stylist. You should also email us any changes that you would like. Take feedback about the fit from friends and family. Let us know what you like and what you would want to further perfect. And we will make it happen. All this at your convenience at home! Isn't it awesome?
I don't understand the fit from a try-on, what do I do?
We totally understand. It's nothing to worry about. We can do a skype conversation to help you figure out the details, or you can ask friends and family for advice. That's the beauty when you actually do a trial, you can take opinions and narrow down to the best possible fits that one can desire!
What do I do with my Trial suit?
Our courier partner will come and pick the suit from you. All you need to do is keep the suit packed in the shipping box that we had sent to you and it will be delivered to us in no extra cost to you.