Why Hangrr?
Because we believe suit making is both an art & science. Luxurious Suits are beautiful both outside and inside. Think of a suit as a luxurious high-end shiny sedan with beautiful exteriors - but the car is only as good as its engine. Similarly, we believe a suit is only as good as its interior details - the Canvas, Chest-piece, inter-lining, under-collar felt, even to the minutest level of the thread and the yarn of the fabric, we have perfected the art and science of suit making - beyond the measurements & fits. At Hangrr, we guarantee you - that every time you wear our suit, you are wearing one of our masterpieces.
So, your suits look great! What do I need to know before I place an order?
Firstly, thank you for the compliment! We promise that your suiting experience with Hangrr will be one of the best experiences you've had till date. Currently, in India, we offer 2 lines: (1) Fixed Size and (2) Bespoke collection. You can begin by understanding the difference between our two offerings.
What is the difference between Hangrr Fixed Size vs. Hangrr Bespoke collection?
Currently, in India, Hangrr has 2 offerings: Fixed Size (Ready to wear) & Bespoke collection.

Fixed Size Collection:
You can shop for fixed size (ready to wear), collection by clicking here All Hangrr fixed size suits are hand-constructed keeping in mind the sensibilities of an Indian male body type and the overall fit and shape is much better suited for an Indian body compared to any other suiting brand.

Bespoke Collection:
It's all about luxury and fit. A bespoke suit is tailor-made from scratch according to your body measurements and body nuances. It is an exclusively custom made suit, which is made just for you and is unique to you not only in terms of size and measurements but also in terms of design. With Hangrr, you get a complete flexibility to design your own suit.
So how do I place an order?
If you are looking to place an order from our fixed size (ready to wear) collection, you can do this by browsing our collection , and by placing your order via our website.

If you are looking to place an order from our bespoke collection, you can either design the suit by yourself by going through the step by step suit customization option or can simply drop an email to our Stylist at stylist@hangrr.com and our style consultant will get in touch with you to help design your suit. If you are currently in Mumbai/Delhi/Bangalore/Jaipur, we also have our style consultants who would be happy to visit you by setting an appointment with you and will take you through the design options and take your measurements.
I have shopped with Hangrr before and I love your products. Where can I leave the feedback?
We love to hear from our customers and we really appreciate customers taking out time to write back to us.
You can send us an email to care@hangrr.com. We would love to hear from you. It will make our day!